I'm stunned

Giuliani is like a preacher. The way he's attacking his points, the way he phrases things, and the way he emotes is almost religious in nature. His manner is decidedly different from Senator McCain's, but his attack is just as focused and just as strong.

His words about Kerry wisely took us away from his Vietnam record and to his voting record in congress. And Kerry's congressional record is anything but consistent or impressive. His hilight of Kerry's two positions on Israel's security fence, when talking to two very different crowds, further made the point that Kerry is inconsistent and, perhaps, unprincipled.

All without even a nod to the Swift Boat Vets.

(Sidenote: who wouldn't like to have a drink with Giuliani. This guy has a sense of humor, charisma, and a great, evil little smile. I can't help but like him.)

As an opener to the convention, this is pretty good stuff. The support that Bush has from what I would call cross-over politicians--those elected officials that have appeal to a broad center--really could act as a strong halo for his reelection bid. That is, if people bother to notice. Since none of this is being carried on networks (and, no, I don't think it has anything to do with any bias--the networks simply aren't that interested in covering the conventions anymore).

I realize that I am not an unbiased source, and I want to temper my enthusiasm. The fact is, we still have yet to hear any specifics about plans for the next four years, and we're hearing a lot of stock political speech that would surprise no one at all.

But, as an introduction, this is moving in the right direction. Hopefully, for my side of the debate, it continues to go like this throughout the convention.