The Fringe Grows

Shawn Macomber nails one of the things that's been bothering me about the left over the last few years. While shouting about the crushing of dissent and playing martyrs over a serious misunderstanding of what constitutes censorship, the activist left has been the side that does it's utter best to silence the opposition.

If the left is serious about "dialog" and about the idea that we need to respect each other's rights to free political speech and freedom to assemble, they should put these groups on a leash. They do nothing to "further the debate" and they rarely do anything to win converts to the left's causes.

I don't deny the existence of a scary right wing--the racists and the "God hates fags" crowd, for instance--but the grand majority of the GOP speaks out against both the tactics and the message of these people. On the left, though, the fringe is front and center, rarely denounced, and often given a seat at the grown-ups' table.

If the left really wants to make inroads in Iowa, this can't be a winning strategy.

Cool. Just Freakin' Cool.

Remy Logan, proud owner of a ResurrectionSong t-shirt, sent me an email earlier that started out with this:

Almost as cool as an RS t-shirt

I beg to differ: it's at least as cool as a ResurrectionSong t-shirt, just not nearly as easy to take on vacation.

What is it? A Web site that is fun to click around, a little bit funny, and, well, cool.

Check it out. Click around. Make Billy Harvey chase you from picture to picture. You'll see what I mean...

Thanks, Remy, that thing had me clicking around for half an hour.