A Little Poll For Everyone

I want conservatives, liberals, libertarians, anarchists, and commies to answer this question, but I want the answers to be constructive.

Question: Consider your views on who you feel is more likely to win the upcoming Presidential election. Compared with your views on the same subject from one month ago, do you think the candidate that you intend to vote for is more or less likely to win the election and why?


Don't forget to vote on the ZombyKu below. Whoever y'all choose will win wild compliments, free stuff, and a post devoted entirely to the wonder of them.

I will be blogging the convention again tonight. In case you're jonesing (heheheh) for a Zombyboy fix, you'll get it all night long, he.

Except for when Jerry is abusing me while we play MTGO--at which his skills still tower over mine. Darnit.

Lastly, of all the things that Chris Cornell has done (and I was a fan of Soundgarden), the coolest was his song "Seasons" on the Singles soundtrack. I wish his solo CD, Euphoria Morning, had followed that same path.